03 April 2012

Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing in a Hurry

"Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing in a Hurry" (lyrics by Johnny Mercer, music by Victor Schertzinger) was published in 1941, and became a hit in 1942.

Arthur Murray (4 April 1895 – 3 March 1991) was a dance instructor and businessman, whose name is most often associated with the dance studio chain that bears his name.His pupils include Eleanor Roosevelt, the Duke of Windsor, John D. Rockefeller Jr., Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney, Barbara Hutton, Elizabeth Arden, Manuel L. Quezon, and Jack Dempsey. Arthur Murray was inducted into the National Museum of Dance C.V. Whitney Hall of Fame in 2007.

Victor L. Schertzinger (8 April 1888 - 26 October 1941) was an American composer, film director, film producer, and screenwriter. His films include Paramount on Parade (co-director, 1930), Something to Sing About (1937) with James Cagney, and the first two "Road" pictures Road to Singapore (1940) and Road to Zanzibar (1941). His two best-known songs are "I Remember You" and "Tangerine", both with lyrics by Johnny Mercer and both featured in Schertzinger's final film The Fleet's In (1942).

Despite the novelty status of "Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing in a Hurry" it has been recorded by many people, including:
Marilyn Cooper

Jimmy Dorsey and Helen O'Connell

It has also been recorded by The King Sisters, by "Arthur Murray", and by Red Norvo with Mildred Bailey.

The most popular versions are by Jimmy Dorsey with Helen O'Connell, and by Red Norvo with Mildred Bailey.

Victor Schertzinger is also mentioned here: Johnny Mercer meets The Beatles

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