27 August 2010

Lester Young

Lester Willis Young (tenor saxophone), born 27 August 1909. Lester's policy: know the words of a song before you play it. When Lester plays the sax, he's also singing the words.

Lester's recording of "Too Marvelous for Words" (Johnny Mercer - Richard A. Whiting) is found on the various artists album Too Marvelous For Words: The Johnny Mercer Songbook (instrumentals).

"Jeepers Creepers" (Johnny Mercer - Harry Warren) is found on the Lester Young album In Washington, D.C. 1956 Volume One.

"Come Rain Or Come Shine" (Johnny Mercer - Harold Arlen) is found on the Lester Young album Standards: Great Songs/Great Performances.

Music samples can be heard at each link.